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Tokenized communities or social tokens are the "Next Massive Crypto Trend". provides members of such communities with tools for communication and collective management. read more

Here you can find many community tokens or create your own tokenized community:

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logo - platform for tokenized communities and DAOs

icon-shop Social Tokens Marketplace At you can find community tokens (Social Tokens). And users who own such tokens (Holders)
community-shop Holders Community We are building a community of social token holders and those who create tokenized communities:  Social Holders Token
Comments-shop WEB 3.0 platform For each community, a communication platform is created that is part of web 3.0. The data from the platforms is accessible via an API. (Open Data)

Social Tokens

Token Rating Total Supply Price Market cap Contract Web 3.0
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Holders of social tokens and creators of tokenized communities. Sharing experiences, co-producing tokens, and developing services for communities.

Token of the creation of the New Ethnos

- 10.000.000 $0,0046 $45.620   0x7e...94cd forefront

Forefront is the launchpad empowering web3 explorers to create at the frontier of tokenized communities. We strive to empower and serve the Web3 world-builders of tomorrow via 1) literacy, 2) tribe and 3) tools.

We are the Bitcoin Family. In 2016, as a dutch family of five, we sold literally everything we owned including our house, cars etc and we went all-in Bitcoin. A big step but it thought us to let go and to not live in fear as fear kills many dreams!!

- 10.000.000 $0,57 $5.700.352   0x93...38e0 whale

$WHALE is a social currency that is backed by tangible and rare nft assets while embodying scarcity through definitive limited issuance

All social tokens



Social Holders - community of social token holders and creators of tokenized communities.

The goal of the community is to develop the social token industry, exchange experiences/ideas and launch joint projects.


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