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Donator Amount Bonus
0x788d7E42fe4c29237D4C2522423873Fb7DbeCe91 photo   0x788d7E42fe4c29237D4C2522423873Fb7... 8$
8 1 year 6 m. ago
0xfa58a9991767c19cd511acf5f0775719e8c23a56 photo   0xfa58a9991767c19cd511acf5f0775719e... 27,90$
27 1 year 6 m. ago

This project needs your support.

Tokenized communities will change the world! And you can help make it happen.

We give community tokens to everyone who donates. Generally it is 1 token for every 1$ donated to the project.

A total of 100.000 tokens were created, which is not a lot for such tokens, so each token has significant weight.

Address for donations (Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum): 0x6C68071C35958e4E5F91F9543703360406E5E99E
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