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Social Holders is a communication tool for participants of tokenized communities (Social Tokens, DeSoc, Social DAO, Fun Tokens).

Platform for community communication

For each token of the community a communication platform is created. Only token owners can write on it, authorizing with their crypto wallet which has at least 1 community token on its balance.

Each platform includes:


You can create threads, as well as discuss YouTube videos. Some of the discussions can only be made available to users who own a certain amount of your tokens.



All votes are open-ended, which is different from voting in DAO, where management decisions are made and the time limit is set. Through voting you can determine the rules of the community and the direction of its development. The more tokens you have - the greater the weight of your vote. And when the balance of tokens changes, so do the results of voting. Community votes are like a permanent general referendum.


Community members can also choose online venues (apps, sites) for community communications.


Earn tokens.

Anyone can do something useful for the community and publish the result of their work, stating how many tokens they value their work. In this case the principle of teal organizations "everyone assigns himself a salary" is used. After that, any participant of the community can fully or partially pay for his work, if he considers it useful and the amount of payment fair.


This kind of post-pay principle actually already exists in all regular communities. A participant first does something for the community on their own initiative (shoots a video, organizes an event, writes an article) and then asks to support their project with donations. And if the community appreciates his work, he recovers his expenses and can continue to do something useful for the community.

Guaranteed payment for work according to instructions is possible only in centralized organizations that are managed by one private team. Which tokenized communities are not.

Open data and APIs

Tokenized communities are platform-independent. And members of such communities can communicate on multiple platforms at the same time.

You can use your community data from on other platforms by getting it through an open API.

You can also use the data for community analysis. This includes calculating participant ratings based on your community goals.