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Blog> Why would a blogger issue his own token?

Why would a blogger issue his own token?

One of the trends in cryptocurrencies is fan tokens. As a rule, they are issued as an experiment by large media people and sports clubs.

But it is reasonable for ordinary bloggers to issue their own fan token as well. Especially nowadays, when releasing your own token is relatively easy while the development of web3 gives an opportunity to use tokens to interact with your audience.

Why would a blogger want to issue his token?

1. Monetizing

Issuing tokens can be a good monetization tool. Unlike usual donation - when buying a token your audience gets a digital value in return for their financial support. Which can multiply the amount of money coming in.

2. Increasing audience engagement

By giving away tokens, you can further motivate your audience to engage in useful activities: commenting on your blog, mention you on other blogs, quoting you in articles, etc.

If your token is issued in a preliminarily limited quantity - this makes each token more rare and unique. And each token owner becomes somewhat of a "co-owner" of your blog, which increases their loyalty and engagement. Since he benefits directly from the growing popularity of your blog. The more popular your blog is, the higher the value of tokens in his wallet.

It is extremely important to give token holders some value that makes them stand out from the rest of the blog's audience. For example, respond to comments from users who have tokens more often. And develop your blog in the areas that are of interest to token holders first and foremost. If token holders are not given such privileges, the value of a token together with its price will be multiply lower.

3. Collaboration tool

Tokens can be used not only to stimulate the activity of your audience, but also as a tool of barter and collaboration with other bloggers.

You can pay for reviews, advertising and mentions of your blog with your tokens. The one who will shoot a review on your blog in such a situation will benefit from the popularization of your blog, because the price of the received tokens will grow along with the growth of the audience. And with those who are not ready to accept your tokens - with high probability there is no point in cooperation. Because they do not believe in your project and will not be able to shoot a clip that will motivate their audience.

The very fact that one blogger has tokens of another blogger also increases his interest in collaborations. Such a blogger to some extent has a share in another blog and it becomes more profitable to collaborate with him.

4. Community Formation.

A set of token owners is your fan community consisting of the most loyal audience.

Such a community can communicate on web3 sites, where you can authorize with a cryptocurrency wallet containing your tokens. This contributes to the formation of connections within the fan community, which in turn leads to an increase in the value of your token.