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Earning community tokens

Some communities' tokens can not only be bought, but also earned. To do this, you have to do something useful for the community.

Tokenization of a community implies its decentralization. Therefore, in such a community, there is no control center, which would issue tasks and pay for completed works. Therefore, the principles of "earning" tokens in such a community are different from those in centralized organizations.

In order to earn tokens, you first need to do something useful for the community on your own initiative: write an article, shoot a video, develop an online service, or organize a meeting. And then you should put the result of your work up for evaluation by the community, specifying how many tokens you value your work.


After published, your work is evaluated by community members, which determines the rating or weight of your work. And some members may pay for some or all of your work.

Why would other members pay for your work?

When a community member pays for highly rated work, they are also benefiting the community. And it should increase his rating and weight in the community. Not everyone has time to do something useful for the community, but everyone can spend some tokens to pay for other members' work.

Platform Independent allows tokenized communities to calculate members' ratings in a separate service based on data from multiple services used by members. In such a rating system it is reasonable to take into account the work done and the tokens spent to pay for these works. Increasing the rating of those who perform the work and those who pay for it. And it is possible to eliminate cheating by taking into account the rating of each job and the data on those who voted for it.

At the initial stage of community formation, when about 90% of the tokens are with the creator - it also makes sense for him to fairly pay for the work done. Since the registry of completed works is public. And if they are not paid for, the number of people who want to do anything for the community will very quickly drop to zero.

Post the results of your work on

Every community on has an "Earn tokens" section where you can post the results of your work. Including the SocialHolders community -

You can do something useful for multiple communities at once: